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What do white guys like

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At the root pike your exclusion of women of color from your dating pool lies a deep-seated allegiance to whiteness so that you and your kin can continue to benefit from white privilege.

Further, straying from white women as your partners of choice could have dastardly consequences that result in the dilution of your family and your own perceived whiteness. No one is the passive victim of their own internalized biases.

It is not a coincidence that the girl that you had relations with last week looks like your sister, mom, aunt or the random Gap ad you found yourself staring at for a little too long. You have had choices this cuffing season and every other cuffing season.

Many women of color are encouraged from a young age to use skin-lightening creams, use apps to make their eyes wider and conform to white societal standards of beauty. The entire world is tied into this white privilege.

And you, Mr. Saying that you prefer certain women to others not only reinforces stereotypes about women of color, but white women. Arguing that what do white guys like prefer white women based on the presuppositions that white women are inherently more beautiful, passive, kind or financially-stable is — you guessed it — racist!

You know that a white woman will let you ignore your privilege wjat lot more than a woman of color. Shoot, a majority of white women voted for Trump. Skip to main content.

Search form. Tuesday, February 13, - 4: Allison Brown. Let me be clear: More like this Addendum to the white men Aarel Calhoun: The annoying burden of being your teacher Viewpoint: The guilt toolkit.