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Good girls ain t no fun

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Lessons will be learned. Time will heal old wounds. Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews: Paperback editions: Noo editions: Audio editions: I thought the finale was the perfect closing to such an impressively written series.

Good Girls Ain't No Fun by Jessica N. Watkins - FictionDB

This was an exceptional read by Jessica Watkins that I recommend to all! Aug 03, Good girls ain t no fun Carter rated it it was amazing. Trice "got it together" and listened to her heart, giving Nathaniel a. Ignoring the fact that being with a Kingpin usually leads to prison or death!!! Aug 14, Brittney rated it it was amazing. Why does it have to be over?? I love them girls with all my heart, and Blood and Deshawn too!! Her and Taij gonna get married and be happy!

I just wish she made up with vic a lot sooner like book 3 lol i love when all three hood them are. Yaaaazzzzzz she did that, i pray it never catches up to her, if blood only knew getting her outta jail ment keeping him outta jail!!

Aug 25, Porsha Myers rated it it was amazing. That's the way you end a series! Love this book!

Good Girls Ain't No Fun Quotes by Jessica N. Watkins

Love this series! Jessica Watkins never leaves me disappointed. Im always wanting. Maybe Vic can get a spin off series. Lyric hands down was my favorite in this series. This book Good from beginning to end. Jun 14, Shell Ardoin rated it it was amazing. Awesome Read!! I read this series in a few days!! Loved the way it was written. It was relatable good girls ain t no fun with only a few far fetch things.

Only thing I would change was the ending. I wanted to know how all the couples turned out but other than that it was a very good series!

Mar grils, Quanella Jordan rated it it was amazing. Happy that things did work out for. Mar 16, Phylicia rated it really liked it. Chile, Let me tell you how Ms. Watkins play with your emotions with this series. Today we use clothes as an example for our emotions.

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Nothing can stop your shine. You are very happy.

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Well now your clothes get dirty and apparently you about 3 weeks behind in laundry so now you just mad. The washer and dryer are broke, so now you have to wash everything by hand. Yeah you are depressed gorls. So you Chile, Let me tell you how Ms.

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So you proceed to wash three weeks of aun in a big bucket with an old school hand clothes good girls ain t no fun. Just getting even more pissed with every piece of clothing you have to run through the clothes wringer.

Now you go out to hang all your clothes on the clothing lines and goood. There is nothing like the smell of freshly dried clothes after they have been hung to dry usa naughty girls the sun on a lovely spring day.

If they fell in love, I fell in love.

If they heart got broken, my heart broke to. They started reevaluating their life and relationships…. Guess what I did. And So forth and so forth. I became emotionally spent.

Write the World - Good Girls Ain't No Fun

Ms Watkins covered all four of my personalities that are a part of my undiagnosed multiple personality disorder in this series, I swear Chile. I literally saw parts of good girls ain t no fun in all these characters. One of the chapters in grand hustle was labeled with the wrong character. Ok okay. There were a plethora of other errors that were chipping away at my soul every time I came across them.

Even though there were a couple of grammar errors, the errors did not take away from the overall feel of the books in the series. Overall the story line and plot was awesome. I absolutely loved the characters.

Good girls ain t no fun I Looking Nsa

I was also a little skeptical about Marcel too with the little taste or should I say sample of BDSM he brought to the table, but Chile, as the pages turned I was like, I needs me one of. This was a Good series. I truly enjoyed every emotional aspect it put me. Oct 26, DesLovesBooks rated aln it was amazing.

Great book! Good to see all the characters tie up loose ends. I just wish Blood went legit at the endhe has several businesses and no longer needed to be a dope dealer. I was able to understand why he thinks the way he does, however I was happy that Tricey came back to vun in the end but at the end of the day, she's still with a hustler and thats a dangerous life Other than that, this book was awesome!

Jan 19, jeanette good girls ain t no fun rated it it was amazing. Best looking for a chat partner teller in the Kindle unlimited I have read good girls ain t no fun lot of authors during my Kindle membership, but nobody can make me feel their characters like Jessica Watkins.

Her writing pull you into her characters as if you know. I never wanted any book in this series to. I will continue to follow and read her books, Jessica is a gifted writer. The Zora Neale Hurston of this time.

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Oct 22, reneeNaDaBomb rated it it was amazing. The concept, the realistic characters are all woven together in mystery. Real family do what you got to. Keep up the excellent writing and I will keep reading your work.

And also telling my friends and family to purchase these books for hours of an enjoyable reading experience. Aug 24, Blkstorm rated it liked it.

I finally finished this book. It took me a long time to read it and I had to stop, read something else, and force myself to best gay app back to good girls ain t no fun. It just wasn't as good as everybody hyped it to be.

The ending was good. I was kind of surprised at what took place but it's a decent end to the series. Apr 07, Leigh-Anne Ford Lyons rated it it was amazing.

Good girls ain t no fun

Great and intense I could not wait to read this book, it was as intense as the other books. I enjoyed it so much Lege online norge did not want it end.

Sep 28, Carlos Dancy rated it it was amazing. Great read This book was great from beginning to end.